①I:what is your major?

    A:My major is action figures, anime figures manufacturing.


    ②I:Can you customize according to my own drawing?

    A:yes, we can customize with your own drawing.

    ③I:I have only a sample, is it possible to customize?

    A:Yes. it's possible.

    ④I:I have only a picture, is it possible to create?

    A:Yes, it's possible.

    ⑤I:Can you create injection mould?

    A:Yes,injection mould is done inhouse, we can make them in very cheap price but quality is very good. We just make profits from injection production, mould making can be no profit for us.


    ⑥I:How fast can you finish an action figure project?

    A:It depends on your figure size and manufacturing qty, normally we can make finish making first sample out of the mould in 15 ~ 20 days;

    ⑦I:Are the materials you're using all eco-friendly?

   A: Yes, all are eco-friendly and recyclable.