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Light Novels With Shonen Manga Energy

With their heavy emphasis on cute girls and harem relationship dynamics, light novels are beacons of modern moe otaku culture. Yet every so often, there comes along a light novel that exudes shonen battle manga energy, the kind of thing you can easily imagine serializing in Weekly Shonen Jump.

Today, I'll introduce you to some light novels with fist-pumping action and hot-blooded energy. To keep this list manageable, I'm going to restrict myself to titles that are available in English. Let's not drag out this preamble with a training arc, though. Time to jump right into the thick of battle:

The tournament arc is a classic staple of shonen battle manga. Chivalry of a Failed Knight structures its entire plot around a tournament, with each volume's climax featuring a more over-the-top fight than the last. This series evidently draws inspiration from Yū Yū Hakusho's iconic Dark Tournament arc by incorporating elements of conspiracy and intrigue between the intense battles.

What makes this series well worth the read, however, is what it does differently from your typical shonen manga. Protagonists Ikki and Stella make an adorable power couple, and they start dating very early in the series. Instead of sidelining its heroine or downplaying the romance, Chivalry of a Failed Knight makes them a core part of the appeal. If you're a shonen manga buff who gets frustrated when the girls don't get enough to do in the story, Chivalry of a Failed Knight might scratch that itch for you.

Note: With the recent news that Sol Press titles are being delisted on BookWalker Global on request of the original Japanese publishers, there is no guarantee that this series will be available through your vendor of choice.

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